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wealth_planning.jpgOur Approach

When you choose to invest through Amana Private Wealth, we will take you through our disciplined and thorough approach to wealth management. Through comprehensive information gathering, analysis, decision-making and evaluation, we will develop a truly comprehensive and personalized investment strategy for you.


Our approach involves:

1. Identifying  your  financial  goals and  objectives
Your Amana Investment Advisor will gain a clear understanding of your financial goals through in-depth discussions with you and  if you wish,  your family members and other professionals, such as your accountant or lawyer. Your Investment Advisor will set out your unique personal profile to guide the creation of your customized strategy and to be the benchmark for your success.

2. Determining  your  optimal  asset  allocation

Your Investment Advisor will conduct a thorough asset allocation review based on your goals and objectives. This will indicate a suitable investment strategy,  diversification plan, investment portfolio and asset mix to help you meet your specific financial goals.

3. Recommending  investments  appropriate  for  you

Investment recommendations will be clear and backed by prudent research and analysis. The reasons behind investment options and recommendations presented, and their relevance to your financial objectives, will be fully explained.

4. Monitoring  your  portfolio  and   keeping  you  informed
Your Amana Investment Advisor will Monitor the investment solutions developed for you so that they can be kept current with your changing needs ; and Provide regular reviews, along with comprehensive reporting to help you know where you stand and the reasons for any adjustments that are recommend.  


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asset_allocation.jpgWealth Planning

At Amana Capital wealth planning merges the disciplines of retirement planning (accumulation) and estate planning (distribution).

We address the three most critical issues facing you as a High Net worth client:

  1. Creating, growing and preserving wealth.(Will I have enough during my life?)
  2. Planning for the use of wealth during life.(Where will the money come from to support my lifestyle and other objectives?)
  3. Planning for the distribution of wealth at death.(Who gets it when I die?)

We help you to make decisions based on a clear understanding of the tradeoffs between Growth & Income ; Risk & Return ; Spending & Security and Wealth Transfer &  Wealth control.


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Our Solutions

  •       Tailor-made investment portfolio
  •       Creation and management of family trusts
  •       Offshore investments in Africa, Asia, EU and USA
  •       Access to Real Estate Investment opportunities in Kenya and Sub Saharan Africa
  •       Access to Private Equity as an alternative investment asset class
  •       Non-Executive Directorship on Client’s Company Boards
  •       Business Reviews, Capital Raising and Corporate Restructuring


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Treasury Assist

At Amana Capital, we work with finance directors, finance managers and business owners to identify treasury and cash management opportunities to improve your finance income.

Our goal is to ensure that whatever positive cash balances you have during the course of the month are being invested efficiently and profitably to improve your bottom line.

So whether you are a company, SACCOs, NGO or international organizations, as long as you have monthly positive cash balances we can help increase your income.

What we offer:

  1.      Treasury review to identify opportunities for service improvements and cost reduction.
  2.      Document and re-design banking relationships to meet the business needs.
  3.      Interest rate and foreign exchange risk assessment.
  4.      Cash flow analysis & cash forecasting.
  5.      Manage treasury operations.
  6.      Cash flow review and recommending an income strategy


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wealth_management.jpgPrivate Wealth Management

Amana Private Wealth Management is an investment advisory service that incorporates highly customized financial planning, investment portfolio structuring and portfolio management to individuals, small businesses owners, families, trusts and foundations with Kshs 10 million or more in investable assets.


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Investment Philosophy

Amana Capital Limited is an active asset manager.

Our goal is to produce outstanding and consistent performance over the medium to long term whilst preserving client capital. We believe that Kenyan capital markets are not efficient and thus present numerous interesting investment opportunities open to well-informed and alert investors. In such markets, activities such as investment timing and security selection are highly important - as well as a cost-sensitive trading approach.

The core of our investing decisions is guided by fundamental research on issuers of securities whilst taking into account market sentiment and macro-economic realities.

We do not think that the stock market prices in Kenya always reflect the fundamental values at all times, and therefore the only risk that matters is the volatility of prices.


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In compliance with the The Capital Markets (Collective investment Schemes) Regulations, 2001 {82 (3), ‘a’ and ‘b’} on advertising, the investor is advised:


(a)The price of shares, and the income therefrom if the collective investment scheme pays dividends may go down as well as up; and


(b) Investors are reminded that in certain specified circumstances their right to redeem their shares may be suspended.

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