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… Elimika na Amana.

At Amana Capital, we believe that for children to achieve their fullest potential a good education is key. The cost of education is going up every year, and if you have more than one child,the financial commitment is even greater.


Until now,there has been a general lack of flexible education investment plans in Kenya.Fortunately parents now have the Amana Elimu Fund.


The Amana Elimu Fund has been designed to keep up with school fees inflation, ensure safety of accumulated savings and give parents flexibility in designing a savings plan that meets their unique personal circumstances.

The Amana Elimu Fund will maximize the return on the moneya parent sets aside for their child’s future from pre-school to university.

Investment in the Amana Elimu Fund is designed to put the cost of a good education within the reach of most parents in Kenya through diligent and consistent savings and careful investing by professionals at Amana Capital.

What are the advantages of the Amana Elimu Fund?

  • No Penalties
    There are no penalties or loss of your savings if you miss one or more periodic contributions.

  • Flexible Contributions
    You choose how much and how often you want to contribute.

  • Easy Access To Your Accumulated Savings
    You decide when you would like to withdraw money for your child’s education. You are in control.
  • Inflation Beating Returns
    Your education savings are invested to ensure that they grow at rates above inflation assuring you of meeting future school fees obligations.

Is the Amana Elimu Investment Plan for me?

  • You should consider investing through the Amana Elimu Fund if you are the parent or guardian of a child from 1 day up to  16 years.
  • The Amana Elimu Fund is also suitable for adults saving towards further education.
  • The earlier you start and the more you put away the better it is.

How much should I contribute and how often?

How much you save towards your child’s education and how often depend on:

  •   Your financial circumstances
  •   Your child’s current age
  •   Whether you are saving for primary, high school of university.

Amana Elimu Fund Projected Savings Tablepdf.gif


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