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Flexible. Secure. Profitable.

MyPension is an easy, flexible and affordable way to save on ones own responsibility for the retirement age. Investing in MyPension is a vital part of saving for your retirement. No matter whether you are in formal employment or whether you are self-employed, you can invest for your retirement through MyPension. You can invest as much as you can afford and the earlier you start the better.

You can choose your own contribution level consistent with the lifestyle you aspire to achieve in retirement, your current financial circumstances, and the age at which you are starting to invest for your retirement. We strongly recommend a regular monthly contribution to your pension, in order to take advantage of "Shilling-averaging" which leads to advanced performance returns. However, our product allows ample flexibility to temporary halt investments if personal circumstances demand.


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group_pension.jpgGroup Pensions


The Amana Umbrella Pension Scheme is the intelligent pension scheme of choice for organizations with up to 100 employees or existing pension funds with less than Kshs 100 million in accumulated pension benefits. It is a ready-made solution and the most cost effective and time efficient means of implementing a pension arrangement on corporate level.

The Amana Umbrella Pension provides comprehensive  benefits to the employee and can thus be used to attract and retain competent staff. The Umbrella requires a strong commitment from the employer as he contractually agrees to a level of contribution to be met on a monthly basis. Additionally , the umbrella also provides the employer with an opportunity to attach other benefits such as disability and life cover.

The main investment objectives of the Amana Umbrella Pension Scheme are to ensure the preservation of the invested capital and to maximize the returns on investments within acceptable risk levels.

The following balanced portfolio strategy has currently been adopted:

MyPension Balanced Strategy    >>      Target Asset Allocation    >>     Range


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corporate_pension.jpgCorporate Pensions

Whether you already have an occupational pension scheme or considering setting one up on a stand-alone basis, Amana Capital can provide the pension fund management service and support that you need in line with the Retirement Benefits Authority.


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In compliance with the The Capital Markets (Collective investment Schemes) Regulations, 2001 {82 (3), ‘a’ and ‘b’} on advertising, the investor is advised:

(a)The price of shares, and the income therefrom if the collective investment scheme pays dividends may go down as well as up; and


(b) Investors are reminded that in certain specified circumstances their right to redeem their shares may be suspended.

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