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shilling_fund.jpgAmana Shilling Fund

Investment Objective: 

  •  To preserve capital and provide investors with predictable investment income. 


Investment strategy: 

  •  To ensure capital preservation, 100% of the Fund is invested in Treasury Bills & Bonds, Selected Corporate Bonds and Commercial Paper and High Yielding Bank Deposits.

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“Past Performance is not a guide to future performance. The price of units, and income therefrom, if the collective investment scheme pays dividends, may go up as well as down and in certain specified circumstances, the investors are reminded that the right to redeem the units may be suspended.”

Amana Balanced Fund


Investment Objectives

  •     To provide investors with high investment returns.
  •     To ensure reasonable safety of capital.

Investment strategy

  •  Up to 50% of investment funds can be invested in Treasury Bills & Bonds, Corporate Bonds & Commercial Paper and Bank Deposits.
  • Depending on market conditions, up to 50% of the investment funds can be invested in stocks through the Nairobi Securities Exchange.

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growth_fund.jpgAmana Growth Fund

Fund Objective

  • To generate long term returns & maximize real growth.

Investment strategy

  •  Up to 60% of the Fund value is invested in a diversified portfolio of stocks listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange.
  •  Up to 40% of the Fund Value is invested in Treasury Bills & Bonds, Corporate Bonds & Commercial Paper and high yielding Bank Deposits.

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dollar_fund.jpgAmana Dollar Fund

Investment Objective

  • To provide US dollar investors with regular investment income and provide diversification against potential Kenya Shilling depreciation

Investment Strategy

  • The Fund invests up to 100% of the Fund in Treasury Bills, Treasury Bonds, Corporate Bonds, Commercial Paper and High Yielding Bank Deposits in East, West and Southern Africa with a maximum maturity period of 13 months or less.

Suitable For:

  • Conservative investors with low risk tolerance
  • Individuals with short investment horizon
  • Corporate organizations looking to maximize returns on US dollar denominated cash holdings


  • Competitive returns
  • Security of investment
  • Affordable management fees of 2.5% per annum


  • The minimum investment period is 12 months.
  • You can access your investment by giving notice of thirty (30) working days after the minimum investment period.

Investment Account Types

  • Individual Account for any individual above 18 years of age
  • Joint Account for partners or married couples
  • Corporate Account for Companies & NGOs


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chama_fund.jpgAmana Chama Fund


Investment Objective

  • In case you and your friends or family have been wondering how you may be able to take advantage of emerging investment opportunities Amana Chama is for you.

What is the Amanachama?

  • It is a product from Amana Capital that enables a group of individuals to pool funds in order to make joint investments according to a set of agreed investments objectives.

What are the advantages of joining Amana Chama?

  • Pooling funds increases your buying power through economies of scale;
  • Pooling funds also helps to diversify risk as more capital allows the purchase of different types of assets;
  • You are able to leverage on the competence and experience of Amana Capital to achieve better returns whilst reducing the unit cost of investment management services;
  • It provides an excellent opportunity for members to acquaint themselves with matters pertaining to invest in a social setting;

AmanaChama is for YOU if…

  • You are an existing investment club looking to get better returns by engaging the services of  an experienced fund manager
  • You are a group of friends or family looking to start an investment club

What is the ideal number of members required to start a Chama?

  • Ideally your Chama should have 5-15 members. Below 5 people the Chama is not viable and above 15 people it can prove difficult to coordinate activities.
  • All members should have similar investment objectives and should agree upfront on an investment approach and investment time horizon.

How can Amana Capital help you start your investment club?

  • With AmanaChama, Amana Capital has made it easy for you to start an investment club. We will make available to you all the documents that you need to start your investment club right away including a sample agreement ready for a signature by club members and sample rules for the investment club that you can adopt from day one.


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elimu_fund.jpgAmana Elimu Fund

… Elimika na Amana.

At Amana Capital, we believe that for children to achieve their fullest potential a good education is key. The cost of education is going up every year, and if you have more than one child,the financial commitment is even greater.


Until now,there has been a general lack of flexible education investment plans in Kenya.Fortunately parents now have the Amana Elimu Fund.


The Amana Elimu Fund has been designed to keep up with school fees inflation, ensure safety of accumulated savings and give parents flexibility in designing a savings plan that meets their unique personal circumstances.

The Amana Elimu Fund will maximize the return on the moneya parent sets aside for their child’s future from pre-school to university.

Investment in the Amana Elimu Fund is designed to put the cost of a good education within the reach of most parents in Kenya through diligent and consistent savings and careful investing by professionals at Amana Capital.

What are the advantages of the Amana Elimu Fund?

  • No Penalties
    There are no penalties or loss of your savings if you miss one or more periodic contributions.

  • Flexible Contributions
    You choose how much and how often you want to contribute.

  • Easy Access To Your Accumulated Savings
    You decide when you would like to withdraw money for your child’s education. You are in control.
  • Inflation Beating Returns
    Your education savings are invested to ensure that they grow at rates above inflation assuring you of meeting future school fees obligations.

Is the Amana Elimu Investment Plan for me?

  • You should consider investing through the Amana Elimu Fund if you are the parent or guardian of a child from 1 day up to  16 years.
  • The Amana Elimu Fund is also suitable for adults saving towards further education.
  • The earlier you start and the more you put away the better it is.

How much should I contribute and how often?

How much you save towards your child’s education and how often depend on:

  •   Your financial circumstances
  •   Your child’s current age
  •   Whether you are saving for primary, high school of university.

Amana Elimu Fund Projected Savings Tablepdf.gif


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emergency_fund.jpgAmana Emergency Fund

Save for a Rainy Day.

Everyone needs an emergency fund…
Even companies do.Investing in the Amana Emergency Fund is not a luxury, it is a necessity. At Amana we recommend that you should maintain a cash reserve large enough to cover three to six months worth of your expenses. Rest assured, someday you will need it.
We all know the saying"save for a rainy day". It is a wise saying, which many of us often ignore and yet all of us must face a rainy day every once in a while.

What Will You Need?
An emergency fund is a great idea, but it also requires some effort to achieve. The first step in the process is to know how much you spend each month in terms of all your recurrent expenses such as rent, food, transport etc.
Once you know how much you spend per month, you need to multiply that figure by three to come up with the level of savings you need to cover three months of expenses. Assuming that your expenses amount to Kshs 50,000 per month, you will need to save at least Kshs150, 000 into your emergency fund. 

Why So Much?
The amount of money required to setup a proper emergency fund is certainly significant, but we live in uncertain times with uncertain economies. Unemployment can happen unexpectedly, usually at the worst possible moment. Likewise, emergencies can be expensive (sudden illness of a loved one, an emergency in our extended family, an unexpected car breakdown), and there is never a "good" time for these things to happen.
While its probably true that you don have an extra Kshs 150,000 lying around, Amana Capital is able to help you build up an emergency fund over a period of time.

Where do I start?
Now that you have things in perspective, its time to start saving. Approach this effort the same way you would approach any other financial goal. Put together a plan and execute it. The first step is to determine how much you spend each month. Housing, transportation and food will likely be the three categories that eat up most of your cash. (The average Kenyan spends 65% of his or her income on these items.) Once you know your total expenses for each month, multiply that number by three. Reaching that number will be your initial goal. To achieve your three-month target, you need to start saving money.
If we assume your initial goal is Kshs 150,000 and you want to reach that goal within 6 months, then you must save Kshs 25,000 each month for those 6 months. On the other hand, if you want to build up your emergency fund within 12 months, you will need to put away Kshs 12,500 per month.

Putting Your Plan into Action
Ideally, you should treat your emergency fund like any other recurring bill that you must pay each month. Dedicate the appropriate amount from your salary and set it aside. While most people have no qualms about sending enormous amounts of money to credit card companies on a regular and systematic basis, they balk at the idea of paying themselves first. Change that equation. Cut up your credit cards and put those payments into your emergency fund.

If you are among the many investors who don have a "rainy day" fund stashed away in case of emergencies, theres no time like NOW to start saving.

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Private Wealth Management



Amana Private Wealth Management is an investment advisory service that incorporates highly customized financial planning, investment portfolio structuring and portfolio management to individuals, small businesses owners, families, trusts and foundations with Kshs 10 million or more in investable assets.


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Treasury Assist


At Amana Capital, we work with finance directors, finance managers and business owners to identify treasury and cash management opportunities to improve your finance income.

Our goal is to ensure that whatever positive cash balances you have during the course of the month are being invested efficiently and profitably to improve your bottom line.

So whether you are a company, SACCOs, NGO or international organizations, as long as you have monthly positive cash balances we can help increase your income.

What we offer:

  1.      Treasury review to identify opportunities for service improvements and cost reduction.
  2.      Document and re-design banking relationships to meet the business needs.
  3.      Interest rate and foreign exchange risk assessment.
  4.      Cash flow analysis & cash forecasting.
  5.      Manage treasury operations.
  6.      Cash flow review and recommending an income strategy


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“Past Performance is not a guide to future performance. The price of units, and income therefrom, if the collective investment scheme pays dividends, may go up as well as down and in certain specified circumstances, the investors are reminded that the right to redeem the units may be suspended.”

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