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Amana Capital Limited has been licensed and regulated by the Capital Markets Authority as a Fund Manager since 2003 and by the Retirement Benefits Authority since 2004. We manage money on behalf of individuals, families and corporate organizations.

All the assets under our management are kept under a safe custody arrangement by a custodian bank licenced as such by the CMA. In this way, in the unlikely event that Amana Capital was to go out of business, all our client assets are safe. There is absolutely no co-mingling of our own funds with the funds that we manage.

Our Vision

To be the largest digital retail fund manager in East Africa 

Mission Statement 

Our Mission is to give investors of moderate means the same advantage as large capitalists. 

Our History

Amana Capital Limited was incorporated on 6 April 2003 as Royal Investment Management Services Limited. The Capital Markets Authority first licensed the Company as a Fund Manager in September 2003. We have remained a licencee of the CMA since then.


In November 2004, Amana Capital was also registered with the Retirement Benefits Authority as a manager of retirement benefit schemes and has remained a licencee of the RBA since then.

Towards the close of 2005, the company re-branded to Amana Capital Limited, in recognition of the need to re-position the company appropriately.

In 2006 we launched “MyPension”, the Amana Personal Pension Plan, a first by a fund manager in Kenya


In 2010 we  launched the  Amana Unit Trust Funds Scheme specifically targeted at investors of moderate means with the lowest account opening balance in Kenya at the time


In 2011 we launched  the Amana Umbrella Pension Scheme, the first group pension scheme sponsored by a fund manager in Kenya targeting small & medium size enterprises


In 2012 Wilken Africa Limited, a 50-year old Kenyan investment company invested in Amana Capital

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